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Eagle 1000AWS Stretch Wrapper with Force-To-Load Stretch and built in Scale


  • Force-To-Load Stretch (manually set the tension of the film to your pallet)
  • 59″ Diameter Turntable
  • 87.5″ Max. Wrap Height
  • 3,500lb Max. Load Weigh
  • Includes built in scale
  • Includes pallet jack ramp

Why weigh your loads separately, when you can do it all with this great machine? The Eagle 1000AWS with integrated scale system enables you to load, weigh and wrap your pallet all in one simple step.

Allowing you to -

  • Accurately weigh your loads to control your shipping costs
  • Eliminate back charges from trucking companies
  • Increased efficiency from less load transference
  • Save floor space and eliminate maintenance


  • Semi-Automatic or Manual Operation
  • Simplified control panel for easy operation
  • Automatic Load-Height Sensor (ALHS)
  • Turntable Resets Automatically to Home Position
  • Soft Start/Stop Turntable

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Turntable Speed

0 to 12 rpm

Turntable Diameter


Turntable Height


Mast Height


Max. Load Weight

3,500 lbs

Film Carriage


Machine Dimensions

96.5" x 59" 99"

Machine Weight

1,100 lbs


Note: Machines with built in scale can have up to a 3 week lead time due to scale installation and calibration.

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