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Gluefast/skid-lock-pic.jpgGluefast's SKID-LOCK® Palletizing and Unitizing Adhesive System

Gluefast's SKID-LOCK® palletizing and unitizing adhesive system is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to palletize and unitize products for distribution. Designed to increase the stability of unitized pallet loads, the SKID-LOCK® adhesive system results in the reduction or elimination of stretch wrap, strapping, and corner boards. With a possible savings of 50 percent or more due to reduced labor and source reduction of packaging materials, our SKID-LOCK® adhesive and application equipment is the solution you have been seeking.


 Grip Sheets Anti Slip Sheets  Star Packaging Supplies Co GRIP SHEET® Anti-Slip Sheets

GRIP SHEET is a non-slip paper sheet designed to educe breakage and protect products distributed on pattets.

Grip Sheet
  • Reduce slip between layers
  • Stabilize loads
  • Isolate products
  • Reduces other packaging material
  • Eliminates non-value added operations
  • Are recycled and recyclable

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