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Instapak Quick RT Foam Packaging




Instapak Quick® RT Foam Packaging: All the cost-saving benefits and proven performance of Instapak® foam packaging without the need for equipment. Quick RT provides general duty cushioning and light blocking and bracing for products of all different sizes and weights. It is designed to work across a wide range of applications. For heavier products, Quick Tuff® RT offers the maximum protection and expands the versatility while enhancing the performance of the Quick packaging process.


  • Save Time & Money - By selecting Instapak Quick, fewer products are damaged, reducing the time and costs associated with return and replacement logistics.
  • On-Demand & Easy-To-Use - Instapak Quick stores flat to save space, and creates a foam packaging solution with a simple press, pat and pack technique. Anyone can become a packaging expert - instantly!
  • Protects Your Products - Packing foam creates a custom-shaped cushion, within the carton, that absorbs bumps and bruises during the entire shipping process. Virtually eliminate shipping damage.
  • No Start Up Costs - No dispensing system or warming unit needed.
  • Versatile - Protects products of almost any size, shape and weight.
  • Fast - Expands in seconds to form custom-fit protective foam cushions cushions.
  • Convenient - Takes up little space and is completely mobile so you can use it anywhere.
  • Customer Satisfaction - Product arrives in a neat professional package.

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