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Instapak® Quick RT Tuff® #45 18" x 20" (qty 30)
Part Number: IQHTF00-45
SAVE $53.10
REG. $243.00
Instapak® Quick RT Tuff® #65 22" x 20" (qty 24)
Part Number: IQHTF00-65
SAVE $38.00
REG. $266.00

Instapak Quick Tuff Heavy Duty

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Instapak Quick Tuff - Heavy Duty

Heavy-Duty Bags are ideal for cushioning, blocking, bracing and shock absorption of heavier products.

  • All of the cost savings benefits of foam-in-bag packaging in a convenient compact system.
  • Fast. Expands in seconds.
  • Chemicals are activated in the bag.
  • Compact tabletop warmer requires limited counter space.
  • No clean up required.

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