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GF-5 Labeling Adhesive (1 gallon bottle)
Part Number: GF-5 1
SKU: GF-5 1
GF-5 Labeling Adhesive (5 gallon pail)
Part Number: GF-5 5
SKU: GF-5 5


We Specialize in Industrial Adhesives call 800.634.0901 to speak to a representative about your specific adhesive needs!

Hot Melt Adhesive sticks
Bulk Hot Melt and Liquid Adhesives for any application: case sealing, carton erecting, book binding, tipping, etc. All types of hot melts; EVA, pressure sensitive, fugitive, polyethelyn, polyamid, etc.

Glue Sticks Glue Sticks and Glue Guns for carton sealing and product assembly application. Check out our glue stick and glue gun page for more information.
GlueDots boxGlue Dots™ removable adhesive dots on a roll. Available in a variety of tack levels and dot sizes. Click the GlueDot box to see the entire line of Glue Dots and application equipment.

ASI - Cyanoacrylate - Star Packaging Supplies Co - Loctite Comparable Products
Cyanoacrylate Adhesives - Super Glues for all types of product assembly applications including; plastics bonding, rubber bonding, glass, metals, wood, fiberglass, etc.

Epoxy Adhesive
Epoxy Adhesives Offering a complete line of one and two part epoxies for structural bonding, potting, and encapsulating applications. These products offer engineers maximum design versatility.

ASI - Methacrylate - Star Packaging Supplies Co - Loctite Comparable Products

Methacrylate Adhesives:
These products are specifically engineered for structural bonding of nearly all thermoplastics, metals, and composite materials. They offer exceptional bond strength and are extremely durable adhesives. Methacrylate adhesives provide outstanding performance in a wide range of applications in the transportation, solid surface, industrial, construction, and marine market areas.

ASI - UV Cure  Loctite Comparable ProductsUV Cure Adhesives: The MP 5300 SERIES is made up of a complete range of UVcuring adhesives that are used in a diverse range of assembly applications. These applications include bonding, sealing, coating, tacking, potting, and encapsulating. They are used in a wide range of product assembly applications that include automotive, electronic, medical, industrial, etc. Engineers have found that the MP 5300 SERIES is a essential tool in improving overall product quality, lowering per unit cost, reducing processing time, and allows for innovative design solutions. The MP 5300 SERIES are single component, solvent free materials that cure in seconds when exposed to UV/visible light, and have been engineered to meet specific application requirements.

ASI - Threadlockers Loctite Comparable ProductsAnaerobic Adhesives/Sealants: Adhesive Systems Inc. complete line of Torque Threadlockers, Torque Threadsealers, Torque Retaining Compounds, Torque Gasketing Products, and Torque Surface Preperation Products.

Gluefast - skid-lock
Palletizing Adhesive: Gluefast's SKID-LOCK® palletizing and unitizing system is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to palletize and unitize products for distribution. Designed to increase the stability of unitized pallet loads, the SKID-LOCK® adhesive system results in the reduction or elimination of stretch wrap, strapping, and corner boards. With a possible savings of 50 percent or more due to reduced labor and source reduction of packaging materials, our SKID-LOCK® adhesive and application equipment is the solution you have been seeking.

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