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Tach-It SH-455 label rewinder
SH-455 Label Re-Winder
Part Number: SH-455
SKU: SH-455
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LR500 Label Rewinder
Part Number: LR500
SKU: LR500
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Label ReWinders/UnWinders

Re-Winder-Label-Dispensers Label Re-Winders and Un-Winders can rewind and unwind thermal transfer and other types of labels efficiently and easily for use on semi-automatic and automated machinery. Able to be placed in front of the label printer, these units offer consistent winding of the rolls without the worries of web breaks. 

Label Dispenser SH-455 - Star Packaging Supplies Co

Label Dispenser Machine SH-455

The Tach-It Model SH455 Economical Label Re-Winder uses a slip clutch to ensure consistent winding of thermal transfer, fan fold and computer generated labels without concerns about breaking of the liner. Easy to use and requiring no tools or special operator training, the SH455 has a small table top design, heavy duty motor and construction and can reach speeds up to 120 rpm.  

  • Dimensions: Length - 7.5", Width - 11.5", Height - 9.25", Weight - 13.5 Lbs
  • Label Size Maximum - 4.25"
  • Label Roll Diameter: 9.25"
  • Speed: Variable
  • Power: 110 Volt
Label Dispenser SH-450 - Star Packaging Supplies Co

Label Dispenser Machine SH-450

The Tach-It Model SH450 Label Re-Winder / Un-Winder is perfect for rolling fan fold or computer printed and generated labels. Easy to operate with no tools required for label changeovers, the variable speed motor can reach speeds up to 150 rpms. Our Tach-It Model SH450 is equipped with a dancer arm which eliminates liner breakage. If tension forms on the web of the labels as they are winding or unwinding, the motor stops. Once slack is present again, the motor starts automatically. This results in consistently wound and unwound rolls with no liner breakage. Extra large flanges for large roll diameters up to 11", the ability to wind or unwind onto 1 ¾" or 3" cores, works with labels up to 5" wide, technologically advanced components, toggle selection for motor direction and heavy duty construction are all advantages of this machine.  

  • Dimensions: Length - 6.25", Width - 11.5", Height - 12.00", Weight - 17 Lbs
  • Label Size Maximum - 4.25"
  • Label Roll Diameter: 12"
  • Speed: Variable up to 240 RPM
  • Power: 110 Volt, 220 Volt

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