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Advent Labeler Options


 Overhead Pressure Arm Assembly

Applies pressure against lightweight containers to insure proper adhesion. Included on all labelers (200, 301, 302, &310) unless specified.  


Front/Back Option

Allows Model 300 and 310 to apply front label (A) and rear label (B). Labels must alternate on single roll (A-B-A-B). Requires Qualification.


Automatic Label Registration Option

Allows machine to position label on container by registering container's lug or handle. An example would be a 1-gallon bleach type container.

For Models: (200, 300 and 310)


Foot Pedal Registration

Stop/Go Switch

For 200 Series and electric 300 Series models except 301. Stops machine to allow registration of   label onto container that does not have lugs or handle.


220 Volt AC Modification

Conversion of all electrical components to operate with 220V.



MSSC Smart-Jet Blue

Smart Jet

Smart Jet+ Inkjet Coder  1 to 6 lines

Available for all Advent models to code label and/or product. Prints 1 or 2 lines of use-by-date, lot numbers, date/time, barcode, etc. No air required / 100 volt AC minimum electric power.

Control printer via Bluetooth with Android smart phones and tablets.


(Price does not include: ink, router or optional hardware/software.)

Smart-Jet Blue Brochure

Smart-Jet Blue Website

Hotstamp Coder for Advent 300 and 310

Accessory to code mark pressure sensitive labels. Air not required. Does include stand 2mm or 3mm brass letter/number type.



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