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Gluefast Label Pro 5.5E Label Gluer
Gluefast Label Pro 5.5E Label Gluer
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Gluefast Label Glue Machines

A complete line of label gluers and glue machines for paper from the Gluefast Company.  Whether for pallet labeling, package labeling, or product labeling, Gluefast's Label Gluers can glue label sizes up to 42" wide quickly and neatly. Enhance the productivity of your labeling process with Gluefast Label Gluer.  We also stock a complete line of labeling adhesives.

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glue fast label pro label glue machine 

The Label Pro® 5.5, which is known as the world's most compact label gluer. Whether for pallet labeling, package labeling, or product labeling, Gluefast's Label Pro® 5.5 can glue any size label up to 5.5" wide (14 cm) quickly and neatly. Enhance the productivity of your labeling process with the Label Pro® 5.5.

Features of the Label Pro® 5.5

Fast, neat, compact, and trouble-free, the Label Pro® 5.5 is available in manual or electric models. The manual model starts when the operator places the label in position and pushes a black rubber feed roller to run the label through the equipment, whereas, the electric model starts automatically when the operator feeds the label into the gluer. The electric Label Pro® 5.5 is available with a 120- or 220-volt motor. The motor typically stops one second after the label exits to reduce wear and tear as well as increase the pot life of the adhesive.

The standard Label-Pro® applies a corduroy pattern of glue to the back of the label resulting in double the number of labels glued per gallon versus a solid glue pattern. A corduroy pattern of adhesive is applied across the entire label, reducing adhesive consumption by up to 50%. Generally, the Label Pro® 5.5 Label Gluer is most efficient for short to medium run labeling jobs and exceptionally great for applying glue to labels for application to cartons, cans or bottles.

Key Benefits of the Label Pro® 5.5 include:

  • Thin film with no glue oozing from the edge of the label.
  • Ideal for short runs and special jobs.
  • Portability.


The Captain B Label Gluer from Gluefast

As a leading adhesive application equipment manufacturer, The Gluefast Company, Inc. knows how important it is to ensure that your labels are securely applied to products, packages, and pallets. That's why we have produced the Captain B Label Gluer, a high-quality gluing machine, which boasts of portability, efficiency, and reliability. So whether you are shipping product across departments or across state boarders, you can rest assure that the Captain B will thoroughly apply the required adhesive so your label stays put for the extent of the trip, until it reaches its destination, and beyond.

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Features of the Captain B Label Gluer

The Captain B labeling and gluing machine is available with 8", 10", and 14" (20, 25, 35 cm) roller widths. The Captain B Label Gluer features excellent glue control, large capacity removable glue tray for easy access and cleanup, speed control, no exposed gears, and standard 115-volt motor. Available options include an explosion proof air motor for use in hazardous environments, strip gluing to reduce adhesive consumption, and a pressure bar attachment for gluing rigid or thick board stock or envelops. The built-in speed control (standard on the 120-volt gluer, optional on the 220-volt gluer) increases its ease of use.

Key Benefits of the Captain B Label Gluer include:

  • Excellent speed and glue control.
  • Unprecedented standard and optional features.
  • Enclosed direct drive for safe operation.

Don't just apply adhesive to your label, mount the label with precision by utilizing Gluefast's Large Label Gluing/Mounting equipment. Together, the Captain B Label Gluer and one of our available labeling machines can significantly improve the efficiency of your labeling system. Contact a Star Packaging Supplies representative for the labeling solution you have been searching for.

gluefast colonel Gluer paper glue machine

Glue Machine for Paper

Gluefast's Colonel Gluer for Large Label, Print, Poster, and Photo Mounting

The Colonel Gluer from The Gluefast Company, Inc. can be an invaluable piece of adhesive application equipment for many industrial operations. This gluing machine allows you to apply a thin film of adhesive onto the paper or board stock with ease. Typically used for gluing/mounting large paper labels, four color litho labels, or poster prints, the Colonel label gluer is available with a heavy-duty roller system of 20" and 32" roller widths for precise glue film control.  A new 42" machine is now available with extra heavy-duty rollers.

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Standard Features of the Colonel Adhesive Applicator Include:

  • Variable Speed Control
  • Large Removable Glue Tray
  • Heated Glue Tray with Thermostat
    (for use with animal glues or in cold environments)
  • Table top, 120-volt Gluing Machine

Optional Features of the Colonel Adhesive Applicator Include:

  • Strip Gluer Attachment
  • Pressure Bar Attachment
    (for rigid/thick materials up to 5/8" or 16mm thick)
  • 220-volt Motor

How to Use the Colonel Gluing Machine

To use the Colonel gluing machine, first choose the type of lay flat glue that will work best for your adhesive application needs. Remove and fill the glue tray with the water-based glue or adhesive. Once the tray is full, insert the tray back into the gluing machine. If animal glue is to be used, a water tray is filled and the thermostat is set to the desired temperature. After the adhesive application equipment is prepped, start the machine, adjust for the proper glue film and run the print, label, poster, or photo through the roll coaters, and, in only seconds, it will apply a thin film of adhesive. The operator manually positions the paper on the board stock and the glued paper/board combination is fed through the Adjutant Press for a permanent wrinkle-free bond.

The Colonel Gluer from Gluefast is part of a complete adhesive labeling system designed for rapid output and a quick turnaround. To find out more information about the Colonel Gluer and the other adhesive application equipment involved with this mounting system, contact Star Packaging Supplies at 1-800-634-0901.

Gluefast adjutant press machine

Gluefast's Adjutant Press for Large Label, Print, Poster, and Photo Mounting

The Adjutant Press is the final adhesive application equipment used in Gluefast's efficient large mounting system to ensure a wrinkle-free bond. Effectively eliminating air bubbles or wrinkles, the Adjutant Press is suitable for a broad range of adhesive applications such as labeling or print, poster, and photo mounting in industrial and commercial operations.

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Standard Features of the Adjutant Press Mounting Machine Include:

  • Upper Rubber Roller & Lower Metal Roller
  • Available in 20", 32", and 42" Roller Widths
  • Smoothes Materials up to 1 - 1/8" Thick
  • Variable speed control standard for 115 volt systems
    (220 volt motors optional)
  • Adjustable Pressure Control

How to Use the Adjutant Press Adhesive Application Equipment
After running the board stock, label, print, poster, or photo through the Colonel Gluer, the combined paper and board stock is positioned together and fed through the Adjutant Press. This adhesive applicator applies uniform pressure to the materials being mounted. When complete, the mounted piece is then placed in a stack to dry.

Even pressure is an important aspect in adhesive labeling and mounting applications. By applying adequate pressure, the mounting press helps squeeze out air between the adhesive, paper, and mounting board for a strong bond and a professional appearance. Whether you are mounting a substrate to a mat board, foam core, or other board stock, the Adjutant Press system can be adjusted to apply just the right amount of pressure to get the job done.

When the Colonel gluer, Adjutant Press, and our lay flat glue products are used in combination, the final result is a team of "Wrinkle Tamers" that cannot be beat!

Contact Star Packaging Supplies online or call 1-800-634-0901 today.

Let us lend our extensive experience in the adhesive application industry to help you determine if this adhesive mounting system is right for you.

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