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HM-099 Fast-Set Hot Melt Adhesive (25lbs/cs)
Part Number: HM-099
SKU: HM-099
H5265 Resealable Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
Part Number: H-5265
SKU: H-5265-E50
HM-130 "SAFE+MELT" Low Temp Hot Melt Adhesive
Part Number: HM-130
SKU: HM-130

Bulk Hot Melt and Liquid Adhesives

We provide a wide range of Hot Melt and Liquid (Cold Glue) adhesives for almost any application. From carton sealing to bookbinding Star Packaging Supplies has the formula for you.

Case & Carton Sealing Adhesives

Fast setting hot melt is ideal for packaging operations. Exhibits excellent bonds on a wide variety of board and paper stock. It has excellent heat stability and viscosity for good machining on all standard hot melts application equipment. These adhesives have superior "pot Life" tested for 200 hours @350F with very little color change.

Adhesives from some of the finest manufacturers in the industry:


These are just some of the industries we provide with adhesives:


Packaging Industry Product Assembly
Packaging Product Assembly
Bookbinding Industry Paper Converting
Bookbinding Paper Converting

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