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SD-900 Automatic Glue Dot Applicator Machine

SD-900 automatic glue dot applicator machine


SD-900 Fully Automated Adhesive Application Equipment

The SD-900 is the smart choice for automatic, inline adhesive application. Designed to quickly, cleanly and easily apply Glue Dots® Brand Adhesives, the SD-900 seamlessly integrates into your existing production line. Competitively priced against most hot melt systems, the SD-900 reduces your operating and maintenance cost by eliminating waste and cleaning, and increases worker safety by eliminating the risk of burn injuries. If hands-free application of adhesives is a necessity or just a luxury, the SD-900 is simply the fastest and most accurate way to apply Glue Dots brand adhesives.

The SD-900 is truly Applied ProductivityTM.  


  • Engineered for both continuous and intermittent applications
  • Up to 90 feet per minute product speed
  • Feed rate up to 300 applications per minute
  • 4-5 strokes per second to apply dots
  • Accuracy of dot placement: +/- 3/32"
  • Designed to hold 8,000 count rolls
  • Adjustable dot application via rotary switch

Automatic Glue Dot Machine SD-900 for sale online

Free SD-900 Video Trial Program

Our SD-900 Video Trial Program offers a free evaluation of your current automation process. Glue Dots will evaluate your manufacturing equipment, materials and applications involved and deliver a comprehensive report that gives you a realistic evaluation of the SD-900, without committing valuable engineering time or financial investment.

Aside from the cost of providing products for testing, this service is free to our customers. For more information or to contact a Star Packaging Supplies representative about the video trial program.

Glue Dots automatic applicator SD-900 sell sheet

Glue Dots SD-900 Angling for Success case study

Glue Dots SD-900 Applications:

  • Manufacturing & assembly adhesives
  • Food & beverage packaging
  • Medical product packaging
  • Misc. packaging
  • Printing & mailing

The strength of the Glue Dots bond depends on the materials it is securing. Contact our adhesive experts for help determining the right type of Glue Dots adhesive for your application or to request a product sample for testing.

Contact Star Packaging online or call 800-634-0901 for pricing & more information.

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