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Skid Lock Applicators

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Gluefast's Adhesive Applicators for Palletizing and Unitizing Systems

Are you striving to increase throughput and flexibility? Does your company need a faster and more efficient way to move product from your case sealer or bagger through the palletizer? The solution is the SKID-LOCK® palletizing and unitizing system designed by The Gluefast Company, Inc. The SKID-LOCK® system consists of water-based palletizing adhesives and three distinct models of adhesive applicators. By reducing or eliminating the need for stretch wrap, strapping, or corner boards, labor is reduced and throughput of product increased.

Gluefast has custom designed and integrated the palletizing adhesives and adhesive applicators for diverse operations of long and short runs as well as products of a variety of substrates - from paper and board stock to plastic bags and shrink wrapped items. Whether you want an adhesive applicator for manual palletizing or an applicator for automated unitizing, we have what you need. Based on your specifications, choose from three models of adhesive applicators for palletizing and unitizing:

Manual Adhesive Applicators
From simple squeeze bottles to pressure tanks with accessories, Gluefast has the right manual applicator to suit nearly any need. The SOLO GLUE RITER is the first squeeze bottle that provides excellent glue control using a simple ball-and-spring valve. Our Pneumatic Adhesive Tanks (P.A.T.) offer a precisely controlled application method to extrude SKID-LOCK® in a bead or spray, depending on the users needs and the adhesive used.

LC Auto Adhesive Applicator
The LC applicator extrudes adhesive onto items moving on a powered conveyor. A single photo eye with a timer controls the application of product onto the items to be unitized. An optional skip-glue module is available to reduce the amount of product applied. A signal from an automatic palletizer can easily prevent the application of product on the top tier of items.

SLUSB-120 Auto Adhesive Applicator
The model SLUSB-120 applicator can extrude or spray adhesive and features two photo eyes, which eliminate the need for a timer. This system includes a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for greater reliability. A signal from an automatic palletizer can easily prevent the application of product on the top tier of items. An optional Operator Interface allows the user to eliminate the application of product on the top tier of items, apply a skip-glue pattern, count items, and more!

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