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Invisible Solution.  Visible Results.TM

Glue Dots are pressure-sensitive adhesive patterns that produce visible results:

  • Bonds instantly
  • Faster and safer than hot glues
  • Cleaner than liquid adhesives and tapes
  • No mess. No residue. No odor
  • Available as standard product or customized to meet your needs


Tack Levels  Standard Glue Dots tack (strength) levels: Super High Tack creates a permanent bond, which will tear paper, Low and Medium Tack Glue Dots are considered removable from most substrates.  High Shear Glue Dots have vertical hold capabilities. 

Profiles  Glue Dots are available in three profiles (thicknesses).

Low Profile Glue Dots are thin and used for bonding level items.
Medium and High Profiles are used to create a bridge or gap between substrates.


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