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 Hot Melt Glue Sticks


Star Packaging Supplies offers a complete line of glue-sticks.
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All Hot Melt Glue Formula's

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701711, 725735, 925

Corrugated and Carton Sealing

Medium/fast set time 701, 711
Coated paper(medium/large boxes) 735

Furniture and Woodworking

Wood 725, 735

Home Decor - Floral & Crafts

All-Purpose / All Temperature Clear Adhesive. Ribbon, floral foam, paper, silk flowers, wood and most porous materials. 725, 735

Product Assembly

High Strength Clear Adhesive. Fiber glass, metal, plastic, shells, glass, ceramic, china, jewelry, painted surfaces and magnets 735, 925


Set seam sealing(long open time) 725
Carpet Tack Strip installation to concrete or wood, Vinyl 925

Solid Surfaces

Corian, wood assembly (fast set) 711
Corian, wood assembly (medium set) 725735

Point of Purchase Displays

Medium set time 725, 735
Medium/Fast Set Time 701, 711

Electrical Potting

Potting 725



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