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Stitchers for Cartons, Metal, Channel Letters and more

Ideal Stitcher Company

Div of W. R. Pabich Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Ideal manufactures a complete line of wire stitching machines for every stitching application

Fast...   Secure...   Economical

Ideal/Post.gif Ideal/Arm.gif
Post Arm
Ideal/bottom.gif Ideal/corner_stitcher.gif Ideal/arm_Stitcher.gif Ideal/90angle.gif
Bottom Stitcher Corner Stitcher Arm Stitcher 90° Angle Stitcher
Ideal/widen_crown_stitcher.gif Ideal/45angle.gif Ideal/arm_Stitcher.gif Ideal/carding.gif
Wide Crown Stitcher 45° Angle Stitcher Custom Designed Stitchers Carding Stitcher

 Developing and Building Wire Stitching Equipment Since 1933

  • New and Rebuilt Machines
  • Genuine Ideal Replacement Parts
  • Factory Repair Service Available
  • Quality Stitching Wire and Accessories

Post Wire Stitcher   •   Arm Wire Stitcher   •   Metal Wire Stitcher

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