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Gluefast's SKID-LOCK¬ Adhesive for Palletizing and Unitizing Systems

Palletize and unitize a load quickly, economically, and effectively when you use Gluefast's SKID-LOCK® adhesive for your palletizing or unitizing system. This palletizing adhesive will withstand forklift or truck motions, while allowing for clean and easy de-palletizing. Based on your distribution operations and needs, SKID-LOCK® adhesive is available in gallon containers: five-gallon pails, 55-gallon drums, and 260-gallon disposable tote containers.

What Sets SKID-LOCK Adhesive Apart from the Competition?
Unlike other "so-called" palletizing adhesives, SKID-LOCK® adhesive is a true unitizing product specifically designed for use in palletizing or unitizing systems. Many other adhesive products work only if exactly the correct amount is applied. If too much is applied, fiber tearing occurs during unloading, thus damaging the package and possibly thwarting the sale of merchandise.

SKID-LOCK® is unique in that it is a water-based resin product with a key ingredient that is designed to prevent deep penetration of the resin into paper or board stock. The resulting surface bond provides the ideal properties for a true unitizing adhesive - high shear strength (to prevent side to side movement) and low tensile strength (to prevent up and down movement). We also feature a special formula for use on plastic bags and shrink-wrapped items!

How to Apply SKID-LOCK® Adhesive for the Best Results and the Most Secure Loads?
For the best results, apply SKID-LOCK® adhesive using one of our palletizing and unitizing adhesive applicators: manual applicators, the LC Auto Applicator, or the SLUSB-120 Auto Applicator. For the most secure load, cross stack your cartons, boxes, or bags. When the direction of each tier of cartons or bags is alternated, the load is said to be interlocked or cross-stacked. This method of loading allows each carton or bag, except for the top and bottom, to be in contact with at least two cartons or bags above and two below.

Stacked Cartons
Cross Stacked CartonsSKID-LOCK®
Applied on Cartons

Please note that columnar stacking may require the use of one or more slip-sheets, or the use of a small amount of stretch wrap around the top two tiers. It is recommended that two strips of adhesive be applied to the top of each carton lengthwise, but it is not necessary to apply adhesive to the top tier of items.


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