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Captain B - Label Gluing Up To 14" Wide

The Captain B Label Gluer from Gluefast

As a leading adhesive application equipment manufacturer, The Gluefast Company, Inc. knows how important it is to ensure that your labels are securely applied to products, packages, and pallets. That's why we have produced the Captain B Label Gluer, a high-quality gluing machine, which boasts of portability, efficiency, and reliability. So whether you are shipping product across departments or across state borders, you can rest assured that the Captain B will thoroughly apply the required adhesive so your label stays put for the extent of the trip, until it reaches its destination, and beyond.

Features of the Captain B Label Gluer

Captain B Label GluerThe new Captain B-AG (available in 14" roller widths only) has a heated glue tray for use with hot protein glues. The Captain B labeling and gluing machine is available with 8”, 10”, and 14” (20, 25, 35 cm) roller widths. The Captain B Label Gluer features excellent glue control, large capacity removable glue tray for easy access and cleanup, speed control, no exposed gears, and standard 115-volt motor. Available options include an explosion proof air motor for use in hazardous environments, strip gluing to reduce adhesive consumption, and a pressure bar attachment for gluing rigid or thick board stock or envelopes. The built-in speed control (standard on the 120-volt gluer, optional on the 220-volt gluer) increases its ease of use.

Key Benefits of the Captain B Label Gluer include:

  • Excellent speed and glue control.
  • Unprecedented standard and optional features.
  • Enclosed direct drive for safe operation.

If you have larger labels – up to 40” wide – check out our Colonel Gluer.

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