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EAGLE 710L (large) Arch Strapping Machine



 5/6 mm strap $8250.00

9 mm strap $8000.00

12 mm strap $9,150.00

Eagle 710L Brochure

Eagle 710L is an innovative world-class high-speed automatic strapping machine capable of using 5mm, 6mm, 9mm or 12mm polypropylene strap. The Eagle 710L comes equipped with industry standard features and creative user friendly designs. The Eagle 710L offers the optimal performance, high speed, easy maintenance and a cost effective solution for your package strapping needs.

The Eagle 715 & 702 series use the latest DC brushless motor technology to provide the highest level of accuracy and reliability on the market. All motors are German-made.

The strapping head has no belts, clutches or pulleys. It is designed with up-to-date technology with minimal moving parts. With 30% fewer parts, the Eagle 715 & 702 series strapping machines require fewer adjustments, less maintenance, and has fewer wear components.

  • LCD screen display
  • 65 Straps per minute
  • Self-threading
  • High and low tension settings
  • Loop ejector for jam-free operation
  • Waist-high coil changer with quick release
  • Tool-free general maintenance
  • Features a large arch opening of 33″ (W) x 20″ (H)

Additional information



Minimum Carton Size

2.75” x 0.75”

Standard Arch Size

33” x 19”

Tabletop Height


Core Size

8” x 8”


2.5 to 70.5 lbs.

Machine Dimensions

37” x 45.5” x 56”

Strapping Speed

65 straps/min.

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