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MAYFAIR® Z200 Interfold Economical Light Duty Towels (8bxs/cs)
Part Number: 14200
SKU: 14200
SAVE $7.00
REG. $45.00
MAYFAIR® Z200 Center-Pull Towels (4 rolls/cs)
Part Number: 14300
SKU: 14300
MAYFAIR® Center-Pull Towel Dispenser
Part Number: 99906
SKU: 99906
SAVE $4.80
REG. $39.95

MAYFAIR® Z200 Economical Light Duty Towels

Our Most Economical Light-Duty Towel

  • MAYFAIR® Z200 towels are made with 100% recycled fibers
  • Works like cloth
  • Ideal for all light-duty wiping in foodservice, washrooms, coffee areas and general office clean-up applications
  • Soft on hands and face
  • Made with DRC technology
  • Portable dispensing box allows you to easily grab 1 sheet at a time
  • Made in the USA

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