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20" x 40" x 1" Extruded Poly Die Board
Part Number: BD20401WMP
20" x 40" x 1/2" Extruded Poly Die Board Copy
Part Number: BD2040-1/2W-MP
SKU: BD2040-1/2W-MP
20" x 40" x 1/8" Extruded Poly Die Board Copy Copy
Part Number: BD2040-1/8W-MP
SKU: BD2040-1/8W-MP_b3d3ca4a-d007-4b66-a6c6-88002b7d23f3

Die Cutting Boards

Die Cutting Boards 

Quality Plastic Cutting Boards Designed & Engineered Specifically For All Die Cutting Applications

Extruded Poly White (Shore D 70) 

The universal polypropylene cutting pad for most die cut applications.

JN White Die Cutting Board

High tenacity and abrasion strength, optimum degree of hardness, and resistance to breaking are just a few of the reasons it is one of our top selling cutting surfaces.

Ideal Material Applications: for cutting leather, artificial / imitation leather, rubber, foam, textiles, fabrics, synthetics, plastics, foils, felt, carpet, paper, cardboard, gasket, and various other materials. Extruded Board

Available Board Thickness: 1/4" (6mm), 1/2" (12mm), 1" (25mm)

Available Board Sizes:   20" x 40" and 48" x 96"

*Stock board sizes cut to your specifications at no extra charge.

 *Custom Sizes & Thicknesses Available Upon Request*


Cast NL Nylon (Shore D 85) 

Specifically designed for complex cutting work of tougher to cut materials.

Frisylen NL Nylon Die Cutting Boards available from Star Packaging Supplies Co.

Ideal Material Applications: for cutting textiles, woven and non-woven fabrics, synthetics, artificial fiber materials, felt, linen, foam, rubber, leather cloth, cellular leather cloth, and various other complex materials. (Cast Material)

Available Board Thickness: 1/2" (12mm), 1" (25mm)

Available Board Sizes: 20" x 40" and 40" x 80"

*Custom Sizes & Thicknesses Available Upon Request*

Cast versus Extruded: What's the Difference? Why it matters...

Not all cutting surfaces are created equal. Industrial strength cutting surfaces are designed specifically for die cutting applications.

There are two styles of manufacturing processes: Cast and Extruded.

The variations in manufacturing impact the properties and performance of the cutting surface.

Extruded cutting boards

.....are a cost effective cutting surface typically used in low production or short run applications. The cost effective manufacturing process involves quick cycles of heating and cooling the polypropylene material. This manufacturing style results in a cutting surface with greater tolerance of parallelism and more tension stored in the board. This surface tension is released during die cutting and the board begins to bow. Extruded cutting boards are ideal for low production or short run applications - the board is designed to be disposable.

Cast cutting boards

.....are high quality cutting surfaces that deliver better tool wear, longer pad wear and cleaner cuts through material. The manufacturing process involves longer cycles of heating and cooling the polypropylene material. This manufacturing style results in a cutting surface with much tighter tolerance of parallelism (+/- .008") and significantly reduced tension which eliminates the bowing effect experienced when cutting on an extruded cutting surface. Cast polypropylene cutting boards are the ideal choice for all die cut applications. Designed specifically for die cutting, these boards are proven to demonstrate better cutting quality, longer pad wear, better tool wear, and less defective parts - resulting in more production. Cast cutting boards are designed to have a longer life than extruded boards and are often resurfaced / planed to further extend the board life usage.

Store Boards Horizontally to Prevent Warping & Arching

Avoid concentrating cuts in only one area of the pad - Use as much of the cutting pad as possible

Rotate & Flip the Pad for Even Wear

Sharpen your cutting dies periodically

A maximum cutting depth of 0.01" (0.3 mm) is recommended

Frisylen Die Cutting Boards available from Star Packaging Supplies Milwaukee, WI

Additional Cutting Surface Services

Custom Dimension Cutting - Need a certain size cutting surface or exact dimensions to fit your die cutting press? Tell us! We'll make it happen - at no additional charge.

Cutting Surface Grooving - For all pad rail mounting applications.

Cutting Pad Assemblies - Rough Back cutting surfaces ready for tape or glue bonding to birch wood.