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PAT Applicator

PAT Adhesive Applicator

The Gluefast Standard PAT Adhesive Applicator for Glue/Adhesive Extrusion

For applications requiring manual dispensing of water based glues or adhesives, rely on the Gluefast standard PAT (Pneumatic Adhesive Tank) Adhesive Applicator, which offers unmatched portability, versatility, and efficiency. PAT adhesive and gluing applicator directly applies adhesives on any substrate for case and carton sealing, wood working, and other precision applications. The Gluefast PAT glue applicator is available with interchangeable glue heads to extrude a bead or line of glue or with the PAT Sprayer for precise adhesive application every time.

What is the Standard PAT Adhesive Applicator?
The standard Pneumatic Adhesive Tank (PAT) from The Gluefast Company, Inc includes a pressure tank, air gauge assembly, and glue line assembly with push button valve to dispense most water based glues and adhesives with a viscosity up to 6,000 cps.

The PAT requires an air-line to pressurize the tank, but if air is not available at the point of application you can fill the tank half-full with adhesive and then pressurize the tank to use in remote locations.

How Does the Standard PAT Adhesive Applicator Work?
PAT is totally self-contained, complete with stainless-steel tank, pressure gauge and regulator, handgrips, rubber hose and safety relief valve. PAT is simple to use and easy to handle. Just fill the tank with water-based glue or adhesive and air (10-90 psi) and you're ready to dispense adhesive with the controlled amounts you desire. Interchangeable glue heads are available to spread the adhesive up to 3" wide. Special heads are also available for dispensing a single dot or line of adhesive for woodworking. Optional glue-control needle valve recommended when PAT is not connected to an air supply.

Standard Features:

  • Stainless steel tank
  • Pressure gauge & regulator
  • Safety relief valve
  • Rubber hose, handle, push button glue valve

Optional Features:

  • 1", 2", or 3" wide glue heads
  • Glue heads for applying a dot or line of glue
  • Glue control needle valve
  • Optional PAT sprayer attachment

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