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"Low Temp" Cooler Running Hot Melt Adhesives

“SAFE MELT” Low Temp Hot Melts


·        Excellent all around purposeful cooler melting product that is our most popular formulation.

·        Designed to be used in a wider range of applications and with various board stock.

·        Good cold resistance with very good heat resistance.


·        Cooler melting adhesive formulated for colder temperature requirements or where a light to clear color is preferred.


·        Created for applications that require a more aggressive cooler melting adhesive.

·        Used for coated or recycled board, or when improved heat resistance is needed

·        Very fast setting.


·        Formulated to provide exceptional hot tack.

·        Fast set with good heat resistance.


·        Value priced cooler melting adhesive for applications with little variance.

·        Good cold and heat resistance.


·        Created for the book binding industry.

·        Excellent cold crack and can be used on a wide variety of paper.


·        Superior clean running cooler melting adhesive based on Dow Affinity technology.

·        Excellent cold and heat resistance.

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