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925R510 H/P 1 Minute Open Time Glue Sticks - 7/16" x 10" | 5 Lb Box
Part Number: 925R510
SKU: 925R510
SAVE $20.99
REG. $65.99
925R10 H/P 1 Minute Open Time Glue Sticks - 7/16" x 10" | 25 Lb Box
Part Number: 925R10
SKU: 925R10
SAVE $44.75
REG. $226.25

Glue Stick 925


Introducing a unique high-performance adhesive specifically designed for adhering a variety of hard to bond substrates including: concrete, vinyl, metal, plastics, rubber, tile, stone, ceramic, leather, melamine, coated papers, foil, wood, nylon, fabric and glass. Allows a flexible open time of 60-80 seconds suitable for a wide range of applications and a quick bond for maximum productivity.


Softening Point: 165°F. (74°C.)
Working Time: 60-80 seconds
Viscosity / Centipoises: 5,375 @ 375°F. (190°C)
Color: Clear
FDA Food Packaging Approval: #21CFR175.105
Shape: 7/16" x 10" glue stick
Pounds per case: 25lbs.
Temperature of Glue Gun: High Temperature


Diameter 7/16"
Stock Number 925R10
Pounds Per Case 25
Length 10"
Approx stick Per Case 450
Glue guns Available
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