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20" x 40" x 2" Extruded Poly Die Board

Product Number: BD2040-2WB-MP
SKU: BD2040-2WB-MP
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Note:  This board is made up of two 20" x 40" x 1" boards bonded together. It is not a solid 2" thick board. 


Extruded Poly White (Shore D 70) 

The universal polypropylene cutting pad for most die cut applications.

JN White Die Cutting Board

High tenacity and abrasion strength, optimum degree of hardness, and resistance to breaking are just a few of the reasons it is one of our top selling cutting surfaces.

Ideal Material Applications: for cutting leather, artificial / imitation leather, rubber, foam, textiles, fabrics, synthetics, plastics, foils, felt, carpet, paper, cardboard, gasket, and various other materials. Extruded Board


20" x 40" x 1/2" Extruded Poly Die Board
Part Number: BD2040-1/2W-MP
SKU: BD2040-1/2W-MP

In Stock
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