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HM-8537 Pressure Sensitive Hot Melt Adhesive (25 lbs/cs)

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HM-8537 is a unique all-in-one pressure-sensitive hot melt specifically formulated for bonding vinyls, polypropylene and other plastics. It also has good adhesion to metals and other difficult surfaces. It has aggressive hot tack and remains pressure-sensitive for a long period of time under normal temperature conditions. Pressure-sensitivity of the adhesive film is reduced when held at cold temperatures (45 ºF. or below). Dust and moisture also reduce the pressure-sensitivity.


300 ºF  10,000 cps

325 ºF   6,500 cps

350 ºF   3,000 cps

375 ºF   1,500 cps



POINT:                       203 ºF (ASTM-D36-64T)


Packaged in 1 pound melt-away bags. Entire bag can be placed in hot melt unit or bags can be opened to release the pillows of adhesive.

In Stock
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