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MGG-800 800 Watt Double Motorized Professional Heavy Duty Hot Glue Gun for 5/8" dia Glue Sticks

Product Number: MGG-800
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Surebonder MGG-800 800 Watt Motorized Professional Heavy Duty Hot Glue Gun - Uses oversized, 5/8" glue sticks. 800 Watt Hot Glue Gun. Uses 5/8 Size Glue Sticks. 

Uses Oversized, 5/8" Glue Sticks

Product Features

  • 800 Watt Hot Glue Gun - 800 Watts of continuous melting power
  • Uses 5/8 Size Glue Sticks - This glue gun puts out high glue volumes which requires a bigger diameter glue stick
  • Motorized Glue Gun - Glue Sticks are motor fed into this glue gun, no more pumping a trigger!
  • Double Motor - 2 motors are used for optimal grabbing force to better feed the glue stick
  • High Temperature - This glue gun only uses Surebonder high temperature glue sticks

In Stock
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