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Tach-It SH400 Label Dispenser

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Label Dispenser SH-400 - Star Packaging Supplies CoThe Tach-It SH400 ultra-economical pressure sensitive label dispenser is perfect for labels up to 6 inch wide. Easy to adjust and requiring no tools, the specially designed extra sensitive micro-switch senses the edge of the label as it is fed and stops the motor exactly at the same point each cycle. The Tach-It SH400 works on all types, styles and shapes of die-cut and butt-cut labels on a 1" or 3" core. Able to feed 240 inches per minute, the Tach-It SH400 has a high speed motor, small table top design and a label waste re-winder for operator and work place safety.

Length - 12", Width -
10.5", Height - 10", Weight - 12 LBS
Label Size: Minimum - 3/8" Width X 5/8" Length, Maximum - 6" Width X 9" Length
Label Roll Diameter: 12"
Speed: 240 inches per minute
Power: 110 Volt


In Stock
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