EconoDot bench-top dispenser for Glue Dots for sale online Click on Image to Enlarge

EconoDot Bench-Top dispenser for Glue Dots

Product Number: EconoDot
$1,525.00 Save $100.00 (Reg. $1,625.00)
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DIMENSIONS Height: 10.00 Inches Width: 13.00 Inches Length: 23.00 Inches Weight: 14 Lb(s) 0 Oz

Dispenses a single Glue Dots pattern with no waste, no mess and no excess glue.

To apply Glue Dots, press product to nose plate and remove.

Glue Dots automatically advance.

Fast easy start up and operation.

Pattern counter allows operators to track adhesive use.

Holds a roll up to 8,000 Glue Dots.

In Stock
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