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EdgeTec L-Clip 200

 EdgeTec L-Clip 200

The L-Clip 200 applicator securely applies various widths of most types of packaging tape. The L-Clip 200 was designed with the operator in mind. Perfect for sealing all types of boxes and cartons. Operator places the product to be sealed on the table and pushes it forward against the activation buttons, this actuates the machine and the tape is applied to the product. The L-Clip 200 accommodates the widest range of tape widths in the industry, from 3/4 inches up to 3 inch wide carton sealing tape.

Also available with dual adjustable tape heads to apply two pieces of tape at once. (see below) 

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Standard Features:

  • 26 Cycles Per Minute
  • 2 Inch Tape Head
  • Standard 2-1/4" X 2-1/4" Tape Legs
  • Heavy Duty Workstand
  • Handles Narrow Boxes - 5" Standard And 3" Available
  • Compatible With Many Types Of Tapes
  • Rear Mounted Casters
  • Uses 120 Volt Electric And Compressed Air (90 PSI)


  • Drop-In Table Mountable 14' X 20"
  • Filament/Narrow Tape Type Head And 3" Tape Head
  • Ball Tables Available For Heavy Boxes
  • Castors
  • Stainless Frame
  • Door Interlock
  • Multiple Tape Heads (Two Or More Tape Heads Units Available)


  • Machine Height On Stand 31"
  • Work Station Size - 21" Wide X 27" Long
  • Minimum Tape Width ¾" - Maximum Tape Width 3"
  • 120 Volt Electric And Clean Compressed Air (90 PSI)

Multiple tape head models available. Tape head spacing can be adjusted to accommodate various width cartons.

Call or email for a custom quote: 1-800-634-0901 or starpkg@starpackagingsupplies.com

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