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Glue Dots


Invisible Solution.  Visible Results.TM

     Glue Dots are pressure-sensitive adhesive 
     patterns that produce visible results:

     • Bonds instantly
     • Faster and safer than hot glues
     • Cleaner than liquid adhesives and tapes
     • No mess. No residue. No odor
     • Available as standard product or customized to meet your needs


GlueDots Dispenser Box from Star Packaging Supplies Co. Milwaukee, WI


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GlueDots Dispenser Box from Star Packaging Supplies Co. Milwaukee, WIDot Shot Pro GlueDots hand-held dispenser EconoDot bench-top dispenser for GlueDot Adhesives Auto Dot Pro Glue Dot automated dispenserGlueDots SD-900
Dispenser BoxDot Shot ProEconodotAuto Dot ProSD-900

Glue Dots Dispenser Box: Glue Dots can be dispensed directly from the standard 1000 and 4000 count dispenser boxes. Simply pull in the liner already threaded for you and the Glue Dots are exposed on the top of the box. Simply press the item to the exposed Glue Dot and the Glue Dot is transfered to you item.

Dot Shot Pro: The Dot Shot Pro applies Glue Dots Adhesive Products quickly, cleanly and precisely. Simply roll the Glue Dots onto the surface you need them applied.

EconoDot: An economical, easy-to-use, bench-top dispenser of Glue Dots that speeds up production. 

Auto Dot Pro: Try the new Auto Dot Pro for hands-free automated applications. Apply Glue Dots quickly and easily with the right speed and positioning to suit your application needs.

SD-900: An automated inline Glue Dots adhesive applicator designed for high-speed production lines.

Tack Levels  Standard Glue Dots tack (strength) levels: Super High Tack creates a permanent bond, which will tear paper.
Low and Medium Tack Glue Dots are considered removable from
most substrates.  High Shear Glue Dots have vertical hold capabilities.
GlueDots TackLevel Chart from Star Packaging Suplies Co Milwaukee, WI

Profiles  Glue Dots are available in three profiles (thicknesses).

Low Profile Glue Dots are thin and used for bonding level items.
Medium and High Profiles are used to create a bridge or gap between substrates.


Star Packaging Supplies is located in Milwaukee Wisconsin, about 20 minutes away from Glue Dots headquarters in New Berlin Wisconsin, making us the BEST industrial packaging supply company for all your glue dots, or "booger glue" needs. Call Star Packaging Supplies 414.771.5717 or 800.634.0901 today for more information on the perfect Glue Dot solution for your industrial packaging application or order Glue Dots Dispenser Box or DotShot Pro or Econodot or AutoDot Pro or SyncroDot Pro Online Right Now.