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Heavy Duty Hand Wrapper

Product Number: HD-1218-300
SKU: HD-1218-300|33

The Highlight
Heavy Duty Handwrapper

Model HD1218-300
Uses 12" to 18" film on 3" core

Precise tension control for maximum stretch and economy.

Modern casting, machining and design principles have produced a handwrapper which works extremely smoothly to wrap your palletized loads tightly, efficiently and economically.

Care in four key areas make the Highlight Handwrapper your best way to apply film by hand.

1)   Cast flat zinc base gives smooth film stretch. Zinc casting has an accuracy and flatness which cannot be matched by welded steel. The high strength zinc/manganese/aluminum/copper alloy of the cast Highlight base won't chip, dent or bend (as steel can). It is surface ground flat (±.005") totally eliminating any "flat tire" effect on the roll which can cause uneven wrap and wasted film. Highlight's broad base resists tipover minimizing nicks and cuts which cause film tears. The base's cast web design adds support to stress areas while removing excess metal, keeping the entire wrapper weighing only 3.5 lbs. Its light weight will be appreciated over a long day of wrapping.

2)   Handle designed for comfort, press fit for lifetime use. The Highlight handle is bent on a 33° angle to make it easier to wrap the bottom row of boxes on a pallet. It also allows a grip nearer the center of gravity for less worker fatigue over an entire day. To further minimize fatigue, the handle is covered with a cushion foam grip. The handle is press fit to the base under three tons of pressure. The tubing actually tightens on-half to one thousandth so it literally can't move side to side. A roll pin across the diameter acts as a safety check to prevent any chance of slipping vertically.

3)   Bottom core holder delivers smooth film stretch. The bottom core holder receives all the weight and pressure during wrapping. It must operate smoothly. The Highlight bottom core holder is zinc cast in a cavity/web design for strength with lightness, and a DuPont Vespel ring provides a slippery, dry surface for the core to ride on. This smooth Vespel riding on the smooth wrapper base assures the best possible film stretch.

4)   Top Tension control assembly keeps stretch constant, offers a range of adjustments. This entire assembly has been designed for precise operation. Once the core holder is engaged, there is 1½ turns of knob adjustment between free roll and maximum stretch. Six quarter-turns give you a full and graduated measure of film stretch. For extra strength the threaded shaft has twice the three-eighths inch engagement needed to prevent stripped threads. It has strength, control and precision so you can wrap your loads securely and economically.

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