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GS90 TampBlow Label Applicator with Conveyor


The Gold Seal GS-90 is a state-of-the-art, compact, value-packed label applicator that's ideal for stand-alone or integrated, industrial or consumer labeling.

  • 60 per minute
  • Soft touch
  • Multi-year warranty
  • No operator adjustments for reliable operation
  • Label sensor in strip edge, automatically adjusts to any size label
  • Automatically advances if missing labels on web
  • Stepper motor drive
  • Tamp pad retracts upon impact
  • Simple threading path

Product Literature

Applicator Specifications:

  • Label Dimensions: Width: 1/2"-5" Length: 1/2"-10"
  • Accuracy: + or - 1/64th" Tamp-blow
  • Outside Roll Diameter: 12"
  • Label Core Diameter: 3"
  • Product Sensing: Photoelectric
  • Air: 40 lbs.
  • Electric: 110-120 VAC


  • GS-90: 26"W x 22"H x 14"D


  • Light tower
  • Quick change foot pad


GoldSeal/on-fixture-thumb.jpg GoldSeal/left-hand-bench-thumb.jpg GoldSeal/wipe-back-system-thumb.jpg GoldSeal/3-labels-thumb.jpg

On Fixture Bench Style

Left Hand Bench with Fixture

Wipe Back System

Three Labels Applied at Once

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