HC1511HT Manual Hog Ring Tool


The HC1511HT manual tool is designed to close the 11-40 series hog rings. The tool closes the ring to a diameter of 9/16″.

Popular applications:
Gabion Baskets, Commercial Fence Installation,
Large Bag Closure, Oil Absorption Socks,
Crafts, Swings, Erosion Control, Construction


Compatable Ring Types
11-40 Series C Style Ring (1-1/2" Open - 9/16" Closed)
11RG40 Low Tensile Galvanized Sharp Point
11RG40B Low Tensile Galvanized Blunt Point
11G40 High Tensile Galvanized Sharp Point
11SS40 Stainless Steel Sharp Point
11AL40 Aluminum Sharp Point
11GF40 Galvanized Fan Sharp Point

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