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Versa-Pak Cellulose Wadding

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Versa-Pak Cellulose Wadding

Versatile soft wadding easily wraps any shape product.

  • Perforated every 12".
  • Master rolls have an additional 6" zip perf.
  • Multi-layer wadding absorbs oil and water.
  • Non-abrasive.
  • Can be reused or recycled.
  • Formerly Kimpak.
Item Description Stock Number UOM Pack/Size
1/4"x48" Versa-Pak S@24" P@12" Zip@6" #KIM64230 EA 270'/Roll
1/4"x48" Versa-Pak S@12" P@12" Zip@6" #KIM64290 EA 270'/Roll
3/4" x 24" Expandable Versa-Pak #KIM65240 EA 167'/Roll
3/4" x 24" Expandable Versa-Pak Slit@12" #KIM65220 EA 167'/Roll
12" x 200' Versa-Pak Dispenser Pack #KIMDIS12 EA 200'/Roll

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