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Tape Dispensing


We offer a complete line of tape dispensing equipment. Please click on any of the images below to see additional products in that line.

Product: Phoenix M-1

Water Activated Tape Dispensers

A complete line of the most inovative Water Activated Tape Dispensers in the industry. From manual lever operated to electronic photo eye operated with built in printing ability, we have the right dispenser for you needs.

Eagle Tapers Auto Carton Taping Equipment

Auto Case Taping Equipment

A complete line heavy duty case taping machines with models ranging from uniform, random, and fully automatic model available.


Hand Held Tape Dispensers

Premium Carton Sealers: Our most popular. The ultimate Carton Sealers for rugged industrial dependabilty and ergonomic high productivity. Made in Italy by SIAT from an engineered combination of hardened steel, structural polymers and natural rubber rollers. Extra heavy gauge blades allow less teeth per inch which means the teeth are longer and stronger. This gives a cutting not tearing action to the tape and does not allow for adhesive build-up.


Manual and Electric Tape Dispensers

Definite Length Tape Dispensers : These dispensers are designed to eject either a predetermined or random length of pressure sensitive tape. Available in manual and semi-automatic electric models, this style of dispenser has uses in all facets of packaging, assembly, retail, office and institutional applications.

6125 L-Clip Tape Dispenser

L-Clip Box Sealers

Used for applying a strip of tape from the side of a box to the bottom flap, our TACH-IT L-CLIP BOX SEALERS are available in both manual and electric models, work on all sizes and types of boxes, and offer an inexpensive and secure closure.